Possibility: Time to think about change.

aimDo you need space, time and guidance to rethink your direction in life? Are you thinking about making big changes to your life and work, but don’t know where to start?

This one day retreat is about finding success on your own terms. It’ll help you clarify your thinking and plan how to get where you want to go.


The Possibility Retreat was developed around the themes of my TEDx talk ‘Cheeky Letters & Dream Lists’ and my second book – ‘The Art of Shouting Quietly’.

The Possibility Retreat is a day of guided thinking – full of creative exercises – to help you explore the important stuff. Stuff like this:

+ Purpose – what are you on the planet to do?

+ Geography – where in the world do you want your voice to be heard?

+ Motivation – what moves you forward and what holds you back?

+ Legacy – what do you do for the benefit of the world?

+ Your Platform – where can you show up and really shine?

It’s a thought-provoking day that gets to the heart of what you want to get out of life. I love facilitating it.

How do you align your aspirations, values, beliefs and actions in order to do something meaningful? To create a legacy? What are you on the planet to do? Come along, answer these questions, leave with a plan for personal change.

Watch Pete – and participants – talk about the event.

It takes courage to take control of one’s own destiny. The potential payback is inestimable. The Possibility seminar explores the foundations of confidence, purpose and direction. Get to grips with these, and difficult goals fall more easily within your reach.

‘If you need space to re-focus your goals & kick you into action, this is time well worth investing.’

What you can expect from the day:zones

+ A much clearer idea of how to get what you really want from life.
+ A definition of  ‘success on your own terms’ 
+ A stronger sense of plan and purpose.
+ Clarity of direction.
+ A clearer voice to communicate your hopes and dreams.
+ Knowledge of where your support lies.
+ A timeline for action

Confidence, sense of purpose and clarity of direction are mercurial qualities at the best of times and ones which ebb and flow for everyone throughout their lives. They are not things that you get once and then have forever. We all need to find our unique sense of purpose and our own ‘brand’ of self-confidence – solid foundations from which we can explore aspirations that may previously have seemed too far out of our comfort zone to tackle.

 “Often it’s not the quality of our work that holds us back, but the quality of our courage and ambition. Be bold – Aim high”.  

Pete Mosley: The Art of Shouting Quietly.

How it works

This is a small group event – maximum of 20 people – delivered cafe style. Pete introduces the key questions and then guides your thinking along the way. The questions are set as a sequence of gentle challenges – you can choose just how deeply you wish to engage at any time and you don’t need to disclose any personal information. You can work on the tasks alone or with others – the choice is yours. Everyone gets a Possibility journal and other colourful resources to work with on the day and to take home so you can carry on the process of reflection and development in your own time.

What People Say:

Really useful, well-presented session – deceptively simple but gets to the heart of what motivates and holds us back.’

‘A thought-rich oasis.’

‘Go on it!’

‘A great first step out of the box I have built for myself!’

‘If you have an idea and your thought processes are fluttering around like butterflies, Pete will help your butterflies fly in formation!’

‘Space and time to think about myself at a rather difficult time professionally. Creative approach and very open-ended – positive but also encouraged thinking about ‘what’s holding you back.’

‘Pete is an excellent facilitator – generous and dedicated.’

‘I learned that what really matters to me isn’t what I thought. I’m much more of a hippy than I imagined!’

‘An extremely worthwhile day to spend evaluating your future in a supportive guided setting.’

‘It’s helped me to take the pressure off myself to find ONE thing and allow myself to be all the ME’s I want to be.’

Ask me a question

If you are curious or want to check if this event would suit you, please feel free to email me here.

Dates, ticket prices, booking:


The  Possibility Retreat is available both as open workshops and as an in house event for organisations. To find out more, please email me by clicking here. Your details will always be treated with respect. To get advance notice of next dates and venues, please add your name to the mailing list below.

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