The Art of Shouting Quietly – a book, workshops & a masterclass for quiet people

“Don’t struggle with marketing techniques that make you uncomfortable. Find out where you can really shine!”

This book was written by creative business mentor Pete Mosley, based on hundreds of conversations and thousands of hours working closely with those who are quiet, shy or who are low in confidence. Many of the people he works with are absolutely brilliant at what they make and do, but not so good at promoting themselves. The ideas in this book are tried and tested – so you can find ways of getting your message across without using ‘shouty’ or uncomfortable marketing techniques. You can check out the reviews in the sidebar.

NEWS: The book is now a set text for Cambridge University’s Leading Change programme and is featured on Susan Cain’s Quiet Revolution website.

The book and the Shouting Quietly workshops show how to:

  • See your quietness, introversion or lack of confidence as a strength – not a weakness.
  • Choose platforms for self-promotion that you can feel comfortable with.
  • Deal with difficult situations – like networking meetings – differently.
  • Create strong relationships with customers and collaborators that will sustain your business.
  • Lead with your values – create empathy with – and trust in – your brand.
  • Let people discover your strengths without shouting about them.

introvert shy self confidence business self promotion marketing book

Who is Shouting Quietly aimed at?

The book and workshops are aimed at all the brilliant people out there who are fabulous at what they do but who struggle to promote themselves or communicate effectively with others through shyness, introversion or a lack of confidence.

They are aimed at people who want to find success on their own terms, boost their confidence, get a clear sense of direction, overcome blocks and barriers (real or imagined)  and connect effectively with others. To find out more about the book – read on. To find out more about workshops and masterclasses, email me here.

‘The Art of Shouting Quietly is brilliant, can’t put your book down, even burnt the tea! Worth it though, such an encouraging read’

Twitter feedback.

The book is slightly larger than A5 format, 170pp illustrated, with fold-out A4 worksheets, ‘ninja tips’ and notes pages. The Ebook is compatible with PC, Mac, Tablet and smartphone.

You can buy the book via the links on the sidebar – or read on to sample the full story behind the Art of Shouting Quietly. 

Introduction to The Art of Shouting Quietly

‘In this beautifully illustrated book Pete uses his tough-love approach to get the quieter, more introvert creatives amongst us out of their comfort zone. But let’s be honest; for all of us there are times when we need that little confidence booster. This book will be treasured by thousands who want to discover their own authentic and courageous voice to share their true creativity with the world.’

Patricia Van den Akker, Director, The Design Trust

I understand, from personal experience, the impact that shyness, introversion or lack of confidence can have on your ability to get out there and promote yourself. To get to the point of talking to large live audiences, writing for national magazines, and blogging for a few major websites I’ve had to struggle with a few of these things myself – not only in overcoming my own self-limiting beliefs, but also in overcoming the well-meaning critical questioning of others.

In order to do so, I made a conscious decision to develop a value driven, person-centred approach to communicating with customers, partners and collaborators.

My first book – Make Your Creativity Pay, was designed for people who want to earn their living from the things they love to do – to believe in themselves enough to do so, and if necessary, overcome the doubters and obstacles in order to make the transition to creative self-employment.

This second book – the ‘The Art of Shouting Quietly’, is about helping the quiet souls, the shy or introverted amongst us, to find the mindset, tools and techniques to carry their message across and get their ideas flying.


One of the questions the book explores is the perennial problem of self-confidence. It’s a mercurial quality at the best of times and one which ebbs and flows for everyone throughout their lives. It’s not something that you get once and then have forever. Life events, poor judgement and mistakes made, other people’s ill considered comments, embarrassing gaffes – you name it – the list of confidence shattering scenarios seems endless.

But with a solid foundation beneath it, confidence becomes significantly harder to rock and easier to recover when it is shaken.

These foundations have many components – many more than I list here – but here are the most important ones. Get to grips with these and the task of self-promotion suddenly gets a lot easier.

  • Belief in yourself.
  • Understanding your place in the world – and what you were put on the planet to do.
  • Being true to yourself & your values.
  • Knowing that you have the power and freedom to shape your own sense of what is (and is not) possible.
  • Having a strong sense of plan & purpose.
  • Knowing where your support lies.
  • Developing the skill of asking for help in a structured way and understanding that this is not a sign of weakness.
  • Knowing how to show up and share your gift in a way that sits comfortably with your values and mindset.

My work as writer and coach is about helping people name the beasts that hold them back – and to systematically engage with and overcome them.

This book illustrates how this can be done – with insights into what the blocks actually are, how to take responsibility for them, and how to stop blaming others for your own lack of progress. Every reader, I’m sure, will find something in the content that they will relate strongly to in respect of the obstacles and challenges in their own life.

As a quiet person, I often find that I struggle to find the space and time to think clearly. The world seems to conspire to fill every available moment with distraction and clutter. There’s so much going on that I zone out sometimes.

But instead of doing what’s right for me – that is, deliberately separating myself from the clutter and taking the time and space to literally or metaphorically ‘get away from it all’, I sometimes slip into a state akin to sleepwalking – its as if I’m just trying to methodically wade my way through stuff in the hope of creating a clear spot somewhere. From time to time I also find that what others experience as normal and desirable feels like overwhelm.

Reading stuff about introversion freed me from a huge pile of self-doubt – There have been times when I have felt totally ill at ease in the world – slipping away from events at lunchtime to eat my lunch in the car, sometimes never going back. Being tongue-tied at dinner parties despite the fact that I’ll happily talk in front of 200 people. Wandering off on my own at festivals to avoid getting caught up in small talk. I’m sure folk have thought me rude and anti-social. I was just trying to stay sane and do the best I could.

Sometimes also, I just needed a bit more time to think – I feel strongly that it’s important not to let yourself be pushed into reacting quickly to important challenges or questions – the world is already full of opinion pieces, snap judgment and sound bites.


It’s important to work from a baseline of strong personal values – and values that are your own – neither pushed upon you by others or acquired by osmosis through the ‘me too’ collective unconscious of social media overwhelm. We get infected by ideas and carried along without time to reflect and make clear decisions about who we really are and what we really want in our lives.

Why does this matter?

Without clear insight as to what’s really at the core of you – your real self – life becomes a struggle – your goals and values in conflict with each other. If you are conflicted, it’s hard to project a version of yourself to others that they can trust and empathise with.

Shouting about stuff doesn’t make people want to buy. Lead with your values.

Create empathy.

Without empathy, you won’t get the quality of relationship you need to build the partnership, move the project along or make the sale.

I wanted to write a book to address all of the above – a book which is accessible, easy to read but which poses difficult questions; full of ideas and inspiration, that will spur the reader to action, give them confidence in their ideas and energy to move them forward.


In asking the difficult questions, I’m also hoping you can find it within yourself to answer them honestly. Honesty, self knowledge, acceptance of boundaries and limitations – and the courage to change – underpin The Art of Shouting Quietly.

“What matters most in life is to be yourself, not what other people think you should be.”


introvert shy self confidence business self promotion marketing book

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3 thoughts on “The Art of Shouting Quietly – a book, workshops & a masterclass for quiet people

  1. I love your design. I keep asking myself the question a lot of people ask, is it possible to make a living and still be yourself. Thanks for sharing your work. Janet

  2. I am right now sitting in my bedroom, writing a blog post on how to market as an introvert, which made me think of your wonderful tweets. So, I finally came and purchased your book, can’t wait to read it!

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